Dental and Vision Insurance

A Happy Smile and Clear Vision

Everyone knows how important it is to have Health Insurance, but what about Dental and Vision coverage? 

Studies have shown that dental health is directly linked to overall wellness and disease prevention, yet most Health Insurance plans do not include comprehensive dental coverage. What does this mean? It means that routine visits to your dentist are often skipped, leading to the likelihood of more costly and invasive tooth and gum problems down the road. 

Dental Insurance

Dental health has been directly linked to overall wellness and disease prevention. Unfortunately, many health insurance plans do not offer comprehensive dental coverage.  

Correll Insurance Group of Hilton Head offers several options for dental insurance, including plans that provide coverage for preventative services on day 1, options to see any dentist you choose and coverage for most non-cosmetic dental procedures. 

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Vision Insurance 

Many insurance plans do not cover routine vision – leaving the patient to foot the bill for routine vision exams, glasses, contacts, or corrective surgeries. Correll Insurance Group of Hilton Head offers a variety of plans that can save on out-of-pocket costs while receiving the care and treatment that meets your needs.

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We know how important dental and vision health is to your overall well-being, and we can help you choose a plan to meet your needs that fits your budget.  


I can't thank Jeff Halseth enough for his research and guidance.  It means a lot to us.  No one else gave us the response that he did.  He is a true professional.

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Local Agent. National Support.

Correll Insurance Group offers the best of both worlds—you get to use a local, independent agent who lives in your town and knows you personally, but this agent is backed by a strong, national firm that has serviced the Carolinas for more than 90 years. So you don’t have to choose between having a personal relationship with your agent and knowing they have access to world renowned markets. You’ll get both with Correll.


Correll Insurance Group of Hilton Head is a member of Correll Insurance Group and works to bring you coverage that best fits your needs. Visit our corporate site to learn more.

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